Saturday, April 25, 2009

Swimsuit Models=Ohhh What a Night!

So me and my lady friends(you know who you are!) have been indulging in quite a few "Ladies Nights" lately. With the weather getting so nice and feeling like hibernating bears all winter, we have been letting loose..frequently. It's so hard not to when there's a great band to see and the cocktails are flowin'.

The Swimsuit Models are a great coverband who have an extensive repertoire of songs they cover from Pink to The Beatles to The Killers, which is my personal favorite. It always gets me and Sara up and grooving like the college years all over again. Before you know it we've closed the bar down and have been known to catch a cab(or even sometimes a gypsy cab) home due to all the goodtimes. Rumor has it one of us let the music inspire us to dance on the stage recently. Wonder who that was:)

Nothing wrong with feeling young and fancy free! Besides lovin' hanging with my girls, I do really dig the music. My pal Donny(lead singer) has an incredible voice and the band as a whole knows how to put on a great show and pump up the crowd. They play a pretty regular schedule in the area including spots like Jefferon Hall on the Levee and the Strauss Haus in Covington. See their full schedule

June 13th is my 29th Birthday and me and the girls have solid plans to be celebrating with the Swimsuit Models. Maybe by then they'll have a few new Killers songs to serenade us with!

The Swimsuit Models via my camera phone at Party in the Park

Sara, Fish, Myself, Kelli & Kylee