Sunday, April 12, 2009

Caleb's 4th Birthday Party

My first-born son is turning four! So hard to believe. The time goes so fast and as he gets older it just seems to go faster. Next year he'll be in Kindergarten and I'll be the mother of a school-age child. It's funny, I still feel like a school-age child myself some days and here I am a mother of two. You never feel as old as you are I suppose.

This year for Caleb's birthday party I wanted to do something low maintenance but still fun. One day we went to the park in Alexandria and walked around the lake. Caleb was enthralled with all the people fishing and it dawned on me what a great place to invite a few friends to picnic and fish to celebrate his birthday.

So I made some cute fish invitations on the cheap. For the favors I found some plain canvas bags for almost nothing. I personalized each bag with the child's initial and included a bagged lunch of PBJ, snacks, fruit kabob and capri sun. Each bag also included a personal picnic blanket that I made using scrap fabric and table cloths from Big Lots. I wanted to be able to hand each child a bag and everyone could enjoy lunch, fishing and the park as they wanted to.

The party was super fun although the wind made it nearly frigid since we were on the lake but the kids didn't seem to mind too much. A couple of the kids caught several fish and all in all the Birthday Boy had a blast and to me that made it all worth it!