Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pink Sheets & Figure Eights

Cue background music [Fuel-Bad Day Again]. Ever had a day where you were counting down the minutes to your kids bedtime? From the moment my eyes opened at 7am with Caleb a literal half inch from my face and Quinn screaming similtaneously I couldn't wait until 8pm. Now don't get me wrong most everyday is joyous and beautiful and I'm crazy grateful for even the most hectic of days. Today, not so much.

Quinn's mantra today was to continuously scream unless held every waking and even napping moment. So out of character for him. He even decided to limit his naps today. I guess I can understand. If you're gonna stick it to the parents you might as well go full circle with it.

Caleb was the child of NO! today. Caleb, wash your hands please. No! Caleb, take a nap please. No!. Caleb throw that away please. No! Of course Joe was having absolutely none of this. Time out on the naughty step escalated into "go to your room". Which he did, however he came down wearing different clothes than he went up there with. Seems he had what he called a "potty accident". A look into his room revealed a figure eight pattern on his carpet. Hmmm. Accident?

I'm sure our neighbors are wondering if we're playing a record of wailing on repeat. Caleb's crying and whining can sound 911 worthy and when you throw in a toddler crying you can almost hear the sirens coming.

Frazzled, stressed-out parents forget what they are doing, so our crisp white sheets are now a soft shade of pink. I almost don't care as long as I get to sleep on them in complete silence drooling on myself farway in dreamland.

Many times today Joe and I looked at one another mouthing to eachother word combinations similar of that of Tony Soprano or Pauly Walnuts. Days like today beg for wine and tobacco products.

Wait....did someone say Margarita? Joe decided to make us some mean frozen Margaritas.

We toasted to bedtime of course.