Wednesday, May 26, 2010

All Grown Up

I remember when I was a kid, hearing parents say "they grow so fast". I didn't quite understand until I had munchkins of my own. It's true. If I blink I feel like I might miss it all. *tear* I get all choked up thinking about them growing up.

My first born is now 5. Old enough to get things out of the fridge himself, watch movies at the theater, play a video game and go off and leave his Momma in pursuit of a higher education in kindergarten. *another tear*

We had another fun bday party this year in April. GI Joe themed. Everyone came dressed in camo and Joe gave all the kiddos battle ready face.

We played lasertag. Let me just tell you that I can't stop thinking about how much fun lasertag was even for an almost 30 year old mother of two. The hubby and I decided it would make a perfect date night!

After gaggles of fun there we headed to the airport observation deck for a fun lunch and to watch some planes land. Turned out a bit windy, but fun nonetheless.

My boy is five. I can't believe it:)


gracieluv said...

Too cute....I can say that even though it was a manly, camo birthday, right?! It does go by WAY too fast! Gracie takes a shower all by herself, can work the microwave, and is a wiz on the computer! It doesn't help that she talks like she's sixteen, either! I have to remind myself to slow down and cherish these times because they'll be grown up before we know it! :(