Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother's Day...are you preparing?

So, if you are anything like procrastinate.

You wait until the week before, the day before or maybe even a few hours before to pull a gift together.

In the land of mommyhood it can be tough to be on top of all the holidays and celebrations especially if you prefer to give handmade most of the time (like me!).

Well, Ruffles and Stuff and Made have an awesome week planned full of tutorials and lots of goodies for Mom.

It all starts today!!!

Boy this makes my to-do list so happy!
I guarantee there is gonna be something just perfect for me to make for all the mommies and mimis in my life.

Check out all the super wonderful here and here.

Maybe I'll have time to make me alittle something for myself this year:)

♥ enjoy ♥